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W11 Juniperus chinensis

Species:: Juniperus chinensis Source:: Kfar HaNassi Juniper Nursery Location:: Growfield Home Base 01 Started:: 2021


Named after the Chinese philosopher Zengzi as I'll try name most of the Chinese junipers after.

The initial styling that I did was a bit drastic although there is still some green on the branch and luckily there is still a safety branch for me to work with. I will remove the wire and then also give the tree a repot before letting it recover over the next year.

Current Status

The tree is not strong enough for grafts and my grafting material is not ready yet. I need to get the tree strong in 2023 and really growing strong so that in 2024 I will be able to graft

20221203_132011.jpg 2022-12-03


20220730_085936.jpg 2022-07-30

20220407_135538.jpg 2022-04-07

20220108_081959.jpg 2022-01-08



Work Notes