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Y27 Ulmus minor - Nightcrawler

Species:: Ulmus minor Source:: Yonatan Gal Location:: Growfield Home Base 01 Started:: 2022


Named after one of the Fresno Nightcrawlers from folklore. I try to name most on my Hairy Elm's after monsters from folklore.

Currently I got this tree and it has one leading branch coming out the trunk and there is very little for me to do with this tree. I will be putting this tree into the ground at the start of 2022 and letting the tree develop in the ground a bit.

Cleaned up the cut in the beginning of May 2023 and trying to now close the wound although it will probably stay a nasty gouge. So starting to work on the taper to create a nice sumo tree but mainly need to develop keeping growth in check while closing that wound. Hopefully in the spring of 2023 there will be some bud back and some more branches can start to be developed.

During Lesson 14 with Shai Cohen we defoliated and then made a few thread grafts. First time for me trying this technique but really starting to explore new ways of building tree's


Current Status

20230607_074530.jpg 2023-06-06


20230506_084135.jpg 2023-05-06

20221203_123259.jpg 2022-12-03

20220730_083321.jpg 2022-07-30

20220407_135049.jpg 2022-04-07

20220108_083207.jpg 2022-01-08

Work Notes