Tankled Tanuki

Bonsai Collection

Y11 Ficus microcarpa

Species:: Ficus microcarpa Source:: Drainage near Tsufit Location:: Growfield Home Base 02 Started:: 2022


Collected in the drainage off the side off road 40 near Tsufit. Growing in holes and cut back every now and then by maintenance probably. They have crazy aerial roots and just need cutting back and into a pot. The only issue is that growing on the wall they have on direction of movement.

During Lesson 21 with Ofer Grunwald he explained as we went over the tree that the tree is leaning too far back and will need to be brought forward and some of the branches that have fused removed.

Current Status

20230512_174608.jpg 2023-05-12


20221017_112535.jpg 2022-10-17

20220806_101542.jpg 2022-08-06

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