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Y04 Celtis australis

Species:: Celtis australis Source:: Jerusalem Botanical Gardens Location:: Bonsai Bench 01 Started:: 2022


Named after the Lotus Eaters of the Odyssey because it is thought that the Nettle Tree or Celtis australis was the fruit eaten in the book. This is aparently the land that the Lotus Eaters were from Djerba

I've marked the front with a white tag in late autimn of 2022. In the spring of 2023 I want to airlayer the top just below the round wound half way up the truck.

Current Status

20230310_085158.jpg 2023-03-10


20221219_083753.jpg 2022-12-19

20221204_122259.jpg 2022-12-04

20220224_162740.jpg 2022-02-22

Work Notes