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Ulmus minor 220315

Species:: Ulmus minor Source:: Yonatan Gal Location:: Growfield Home Base 01 Started:: 2022


I bought this tree for 350 from Yonatan Gal and it looked really gnarly and wild. I bought it for the Bonsai Workshop with Rafa Torres 2022 and we did some initial styling on the tree.


July 2022

At the moment I want to rebuild this tree. After talking with Shai Cohen I will reset the tree in February 2023. Rebuild the structure of the primary branches and let the tree run to close up all the cuts or at least as much as possible.

April 2022

At the moment the current goal is to close the wounds. After talking with Shai Cohen and Ofer Grunwald they said I will need to let the tree run so that the wounds will close up quickly. I will take the tree to Shai in the summer of 22 just to make sure that this secondary structure does not get blown out of whack and I will need to start again.

Current Status

20230523_214811.jpg 2023-05-23


20221202_131444.jpg 2022-12-02

20220730_092515.jpg 2022-07-30

20220629_175545.jpg 2022-06-29

20220404_130423.jpg 2022-04-04

20220403_160907.jpg 2022-04-03

20220402_104010.jpg 2022-04-02

Work Notes