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W15 Juniperus chinensis

Species:: Juniperus chinensis Source:: Kfar HaNassi Juniper Nursery Location:: Growfield Home Base 01 Started:: 2021


Named after the Chinese philosopher Zheng Xuan as I'll try name most of the Chinese junipers after. One of the tree's I'm working on with Shai Cohen and will be putting in a big bend by carving in later 2022.

During Lesson 9 with Shai Cohen we completely carved this one out and put in a nice bend into the thick trunk.

Current Status

20221214_213840.jpg 2022-12-14


20220730_082057.jpg 2022-07-30

20220108_080938.jpg 2022-01-08


20211130_221651.jpg 2021-11-30

Work Notes