Tankled Tanuki

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W19 Juniperus excelsa


Picked up from Yonatan Sechvi on 2021-08-03. Named after the first Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus so apt that my first Greek juniper should be named after him.

Started to prepare Thales on 2023-03-13 for the Bjorn Bonsai Workshop 2023 by cleaning the trunk from bark. Worked a bit roughly and went a bit rough. Will need to buy a proper tool for this

Current Status

20230313_065831.jpg 2023-03-31


20221203_120447.jpg 2022-12-03

20220706_182113.jpg 2022-07-06

20220108_081726.jpg 2022-01-08

20210905_173334.jpg 2021-09-05

Work Notes