Tankled Tanuki

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W27 Portulacaria afra


An old Portulacaria afra that I had started around 8 to 10 years ago from a cutting. It had some seriously lanky branches but i loved the movement. Named after the only living survivor of Hannibal's trek over the Alps from Gaul on his way to attacking Italy from the north in 218BC.

Current Status

20230629_094158.jpg 2023-06-29


20230425_093556.jpg 2023-04-25

20230130_171454.jpg 2023-01-30

20221229_143532.jpg 2022-12-29

20220404_151824.jpg 2022-04-04

Starting to take on more of that windswept look 20220110_163133.jpg 2022-01-10

20211010_183831.jpg 2021-10-10

20210908_124047.jpg 2021-09-08

20210907_164045.jpg 2021-09-07

Work Notes