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W37 Ulmus minor - Pukwudgie

Species:: Ulmus minor Source:: Yonatan Gal Location:: Growfield Home Base 01 Started:: 2021


After working with Ofer as my first tree. It never really took off this year and may have some issues with pests or something. In 2023 just need to let the tree get strong and start pushing a bit. Ofer told me to apply Neem oil

When the buds break and there are 4 leaves need to start feeding.


Current Status

20221223_105918.jpg 2022-12-23


20220706_181505.jpg 2022-07-06

20220318_121638.jpg 2022-03-15

20220107_113748.jpg 2022-01-07

20210924_134212.jpg 2021-09-24

20210924_101048.jpg 2021-09-24

Work Notes