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W35 Celtis australis

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Picked up from Yonatan Sechvi on 2021-08-03 Named after the Lotus Eaters of the Odyssey because it is thought that the Nettle Tree or Celtis australis was the fruit eaten in the book.

August 2024 sun really hit this hard and the pump in the hydroponic bed seemed to have failed with the electrics going out for a day or two. The leaves were hit hard so decided to defoliate and see if I could get another flush before the end of the year so as not to loose everything from the year's growth.


Current Status

20230923_110254.jpg 2023-09-23


20230623_172115.jpg 2023-06-23

20230219_135838.jpg 2023-02-19

20221229_170615.jpg 2022-12-29

20221025_084957.jpg 2022-10-25

20220706_181547.jpg 2022-07-06

20220324_073501.jpg 2022-03-16

20220108_073741.jpg 2022-01-08

20210905_173408.jpg 2021-09-05

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