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W09 Juniperus chinensis - Confucius

Species:: Juniperus chinensis Source:: Kfar HaNassi Juniper Nursery Location:: Bonsai Bench 01 Started:: 2021


Named after the Chinese philosopher Confucius as I'll try name most of the Chinese junipers after. Working on this tree with Ofer Grunwald. Cut back in later 2021.

In December 2022 took the tree up to Ofer Grunwald and we made a really interesting bend in the loop of the tree and changed the potting angle. I will repot it in the future at this angle as it's in a Semi Cascade - Han-Kengai style now but first need to make sure the change does not kill the tree. It was really good work as we had to wrap the branch with raffia and tape and also used a technique of splitting the raffia onto the two branches that split off the primary.

Removed the raffia and the wire in June 2023 from the bend that we put in during the winter, it was already starting to bite in.


I need to start removing the other growth once the tree starts moving as that sacrifice branch is no longer needed and I want to start directing energy into the bent branch.

Current Status

20230620_071825.jpg 2023-06-20


20221223_143704.jpg 2022-12-23

20221203_151605.jpg 2022-12-03

20220730_090701.jpg 2022-07-30

20220108_083955.jpg 2022-01-08

20211003_182928.jpg 2021-09-24

20210924_151732.jpg 2021-09-03

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